Što je prerano starenje kože?

Our skin works very hard. We often only think about how it looks, since that defines in large part how we appear to others. But the skin is so much more than something to look at. The largest organ of the human body, the skin is responsible for protecting everything else inside us. It is our durable epidermis that endures the scrapes and bruises that our other organs could never tolerate. It is burned by the rays of the sun, chilled blue by the deep cold of Winter, bitten by bugs, assaulted by microbes -- yet it endures. You hear about other organs failing, but never the skin.

Yet all this hard work takes a toll. As we age our skin grows thinner. As the cells in the dermis (the internal layer of the skin) become fewer, less nutrients are provided to replenish the outer layer. Skin begins to lose it's youthful glow. Collagen fibers break down, and what once was firm begins to soften and sag. If we are diligent in caring for our skin, this aging process will be a slow one. If we don't give our skin the care it deserves, premature skin aging is the result.

What is Premature Skin Aging?

Have you ever met someone who appeared much older than they actually were? Maybe they had the energy and the movement of a young person, but their dull and wrinkled skin added decades to their appearance. That person was suffering from premature skin aging. The signs are clearly visible and easy to identify. They include:

Wrinkles. Genetics determine how easily we develop wrinkles, and it's nearly impossible to escape them entirely. However, our skin care regimen makes the greatest difference in how serious a problem these folds and creases can become. A person with an abundance of wrinkles, who is not of an advanced age, is definitely experiencing premature skin aging. Best solution for skin aging and to prevent wrinkles is  Swiss-Power Active Serum Against Skin Aging And Prevention Of Wrinkles.

Liver Spots. Our skin has pigmentation cells that produce melanin in response to exposure to ultra violet radiation, also known as UV rays. Present in sunlight, these rays penetrate the skin and cause damage. They can even cause cancer. Melanin is the body's natural defense, darkening the skin to dissipate the dangerous light. However, too much sun exposure can cause excess melanin production. This leads to the dark skin blotches known as liver spots.

Dry Skin. Dull. Ashen. Flaky. We are all susceptible to bouts of dry skin. Cold, dry climates can leave the skin parched, and so can damage from the aforementioned UV rays. Failure to drink enough water is a huge contributing factor. Continued exposure to such conditions can permanently damage the skin's ability to efficiently hydrate itself, long before the effects of age can come to bear. 

The best for your skin is that it has plenty of moisture and protection from UV rays. Tested cream with natural ingredients that works is Swiss Power Body Moisturizing Cream with UV Protection.

Dark Circles Under Eyes. This ghoulish look can be brought on early in various ways. Smoking, dehydration, anemia, even rubbing the eyes excessively can create this unfortunate effect. Perhaps the best known cause of these circles is poor sleeping habits. All of these practices can have you looking like you haven't slept in days. When you clean your face with proper cleansing gel, we recommend Swiss Power Nature cleansing gel, and then combined it with  Active Serum Against Skin Aging And Prevention Of Wrinkles, and then dark circles under eyes are a thing of the past.

Who is at Risk?

Essentially, premature skin aging is something a person has inflicted upon themselves by neglecting proper skin care. Everyone is equally susceptible to this condition, though how severely it manifests depends on various individual factors.

For instance, people who like to spend hours outdoors will exhibit the effects of sun exposure on their skin over time. If they use skin care products featuring UV protection, however, the impact will be greatly reduced. People who live in very cold, dry climates will experience skin chapping, peeling, and chronic dryness without proper protection. However, if they use moisturizer and oil based skin surface protection, they can also minimize the damage.

You have doubtless seen many examples of elderly individuals with firm skin, free from unhealthy-looking blotches, glowing with health. This is the result of a responsible skin care regimen, which can slow, stop, or in some cases even reverse, the marks of age. It is in everyone's best interest to care for their skin, and not just for appearance's sake. Love your skin and nourish it with Swiss Power Perfect Skin Set.

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